Impact of Global Warming

Global warming is the gradual rise in average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere caused due to greenhouse effect. The impact of global warming is being felt worldwide. By now all of us would have seen footage of polar ice melting and falling into the sea. It may seem bad at first, but when you realize that this is causing the sea level to rise which puts coastal cities under the risk of floods, that footage turns terrifying.

We are already feeling the impact of global warming :

Rising sea level

Perhaps the biggest impact of global warming will be felt by coastal communities.It’s estimated that 40% of the world population lives within 100 km of the coast. If the rise in sea level continues several cities and large swaths of land will be submerged under the see in the coming decades. Some parts of the world like Bangladesh are already being affected by global warming. The frequency and intensity of floods in Bangladesh has increased and the people living close to the coast have to suffer. For a country where most people are dependent on fishing these floods are devastating to their livelihood. This puts millions of lives at risk.

Climate change

Floods, droughts and other natural disasters are a natural part of our climate but in recent years their frequency and destructive power have increased substantially. If you study the global news you will find that occurrence floods have dramatically increases especially in coastal areas. Regions that experienced one or two droughts in decades are now facing one in almost every two years. We can see increasing cases of heat waves. It is expected that heat waves will become more frequent if the climate change is not checked. This will have serious implications on our health. Higher temperatures will lead to more air pollution further increasing the risk to public health.  Here is Bill Nye explaining the impact of climate change.

Devastating Hurricanes

According to scientific data the destructive power of hurricanes have been growing since the 70s. We now have to face more hurricanes per decade and each one is more destructive. The rise in sea temperature adds fuel to hurricanes by providing it greater energy. More structures and people are under threat of hurricanes now than they were any time in the history.

Longer wildfires

The increase in global temperature leads to dryer forest. Dry and hot climate creates perfect conditions for wildfires to ignite. Since most of the forest is dry too the wildfires are getting bigger and bigger every season. The cost of fighting wildfire to protect life and property are also increasing.

We need to take immediate action to reduce greenhouse emissions so that we have a shot at slowing down global warming and eventually stopping it before it’s too late. If we don’t, these impacts will only grow in size and affect the entire planet. People generally ask you to “Save Earth”, but when you think about it, we are essentially trying to save ourselves. The Earth will be there, even if we are not in it.

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